Healthy Homemade Delicious Smoothie

You can keep it simple and still make it good. For a lunchy treat I decided to make smoothies for the family. Though I have juiced fruits and veggies plenty of times, this was my first time smoothing.


Blueberries, mango, and strawberries were the fruits. Half an avacado for creaminess (you can’t detect the taste – at least my kids couldn’t). And a little bit of Young Living Ninxia Red for great health and another boost of flavor.


Then in the Vitamix, I added apple juice. Then the wife said “more”. And “more”. And “more”. So I did. It came out rich and delicious. We drank all we wanted and then made frozen popsicles out of the rest.


It took quite a bit of apple juice to thin it to a reasonable viscosity. The color turned out beautifully.


I hope you will try it and enjoy it!

Achey Back This Morning

Almost everyone can relate to some sort of back pain.  I will tell my entire story on a dedicated page, but for now I shall share my latest activity in this post.

A couple of nights ago I realized a low grade pain in my lower back.  I am very familiar with it, and knew why it was resurfacing.  For me, it is simply from my neglect to do my basic types of exercises.  In order to keep the pain away, I need to exercise my core muscles – the ones around my lower spine and waist and stomach.

Back Extensions
Here is an introduction to back extensions by Amy McCauley, Certified Personal Trainer, though there are many ways to do them and I do mine somewhat differently.

Abdominal Crunches

The other type of exercise which I must do is for my stomach.  Those would be basic crunches.

In summary, I do from between 30 and 100 crunches, then roll over and do between 30 and 50 extensions.  Usually I like to feel the muscles warm up and burn a little.  Conversely, soreness and pain are a different story.  If it hurts, don’t do it.  Another very important thing that I have to practice is to keep things balanced between the two muscle groups.  Years ago I focused only on the abs and skipped the back; big mistake!

So, if I do my exercise regularly, then I stay strong with little-to-no pain.  But if I slack up, the pain returns.  Usually I experience the benefits very soon after exercising.  Today I am feeling great.

Stay strong!

[Advisement: since everyone is different, be sure to check with your doctor or medical advisor before implementing any kind of back exercise regimen]


Everything is Awesome!

This is posting 3 for our new website, and is inspired by the theme song from the recent Lego’s Movie.

Here is my very basic healthy living blog entry for the day – very open and honest.

  • Slept not very well and woke up tired and sleepy.  Thought about exercising my core muscles; maybe later.
  • Applied Young Living Purification to each of my baby toes which have been suffering from athlete’s foot.  Getting better, but need to keep them washed and availed to fresh air when shoes not required.
  • Lunch at Chick-fil-A.  Not bad, but probably could have gone without the large milkshake.
  • Had a couple of decent bottled beers with my wife in our front yard, and delicious homemade tacos.  Spent time with kids.  Enjoyed the cooler evening breeze and drier air of late summer.
  • Applied Young Living Panaway to a knot in Michele’s upper back.
  • Planning to start getting to bed before 10:30 pm again and see if that will help me break the tired streak I’ve had for several weeks.

Regarding beer, I prefer good quality over price.  Craft beers usually don’t make me have to get up and pee all night like those from big mainstream breweries.

Though I am health-conscience in about everything I do, I am not what some would call obsessed or fanatic.  To me, those descriptors are reserved for people who have things way out of perspective as God intended.  Nonetheless, wellness is definitely a priority for me and my family.


Brief Introduction

On my second post now, let’s just get to it.  My name is Stephen, and my wife is Michele.  We live in north Texas.  Married 20+ years and have 6 children.  We believe in leading a balanced healthy life.  That is, we try to purchase all natural and organic food as much as we can.  Over the past 10 years we have gained much ground in achieving healthier diets and lifestyles.  But we have a long way to go.

With our blog, we invite you to walk with us in Our Natural Ways.

Eating well and living healthy is not “natural” in the sense that it is easy or one’s natural inclination.  It requires time, energy, resources, and education.  As people of limited means with busy schedules and an active family, we are focused on “balance”.  As such, for example, that means we don’t completely shun fast food, but rather are selective and moderate.  In fact, I am penning this (keying, actually), from Chick-fil-A after eating my deluxe spicy chicken sandwich.  And I am struggling internally about whether to order that large hand-spun milkshake.

We will share more about ourselves and viewpoints, but for now, suffice it to say that we are real people who want to live our lives as healthily as we can in real ways.  While Young Living essential oils is a major part of that, there is much more to natural wellness.

Thanks for visting OurNaturalWays!


Hello world!

Welcome to!

Working to set up this website, this is my very first official post.  In fact, I have decided to keep the default WordPress title – “Hello World!”  My intent is to establish a blog site as a component of our Young Living essential oils [independent member] business.

I expect that the first several posts will be mostly thinking out loud about setting things up (such as website, FaceBook page, business cards, etc…).

We are just getting started, so check back soon for regular updates!